What to expect from your Protection:

When we apply Fiber ProTector, you may experience a strong smell, like a hair spray or nail polish remover. Not to worry, this will dissipate quickly.

Before you can use your products:

  • Drying time ranges between 2 to 4 hours depending on what it is applied to and conditions, items can be used straight away after this period EXCEPT
  • For items that have been cleaned and protected on the same day, please wait overnight before using. This will allow for complete drying.

While highly effective against staining, Fiber ProTector is not warranted to protect against highly acidic stains e.g. Urine, bleach, iodine, ink or food dyes.

Fiber ProTector does not make your product invulnerable, but does give you the BEST POSSIBLE chance of stain removal yourself or by a professional, all fabrics can be permanently stained by perspiration and soiling,

Fiber ProTector is recognized worldwide as the best possible fabric protection, tested and endorsed by the Woolsafe Orgnisation.

Regular maintenance cleaning by a professional in accordance with the manufacturers specifications is advised so that cleaning
does not become a restoration clean. Fiber ProTector can withstand several professional cleanings. It is recommended you reapply Fiber ProTector every 2 years.

Fiber ProTector is independently lab tested and verified to provide significant reduction to UV fading on a wide variety of fibers, but due to variables such as dye types, quality, processes and conditions it is not possible to warrant against color loss.

While it is also a bacteriostatic, which helps prevent mold and mildew, it is not possible to warrant against mildew and mold.